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123-reg fucktards

Sunday 23rd December 2007

Excuse the bad language but the utter, utter a***holes over at “they’re not even worthy of being linked to123-reg have done it for the final time.
Them and their lame arse excuse of a website for managing domains and DNS records seemed fine a few years ago when I started using them. But since then, frequent email forwarding issues were just about forgivable but this year has seen some major balls ups in their web services. Premium rate helpline numbers?! DNS changes that just get saved but not implemented, just so they can spam your domain with their own holding page for 24 hours when they do?!

A few searches on the internet reveal many, many similar ‘customers’ from 123-reg who’ve experienced the 123-rage.

Actually, at this point I might blame James Cridland. I am sure it was him who recommended them to me about 6 years ago (I’m sure he wouldn’t now though, he’s quite sensible really).

Anyway, if you got domains from 123-reg then get them out of there! 123-reg will come crashing down on you one day. Start dancing with your domains over to the lovely, helpful, polite and downright decent people at:

Oh, and one last thing whilst on this rant - also avoid Any website service provider who has over *8 pages* of advertising in Computer Arts magazine alone is obviously spending far too much money on advertising and not enough on things like customer service, or “knowing what the f*ck you’re talking about” (bad phone conversation).
They are truly useless and should be avoided at all costs.


A Mushroom is NOT a burger

Friday 23rd February 2007

Mushroom in a bunI was in the pub last night, I think it was approaching third pint time and 8 o clock. Food time. So I go to the bar, and my eyes scroll across to the 'Burger Menu'. I'm looking at the options. First up there is a 6oz Beef Burger, £6.00. "Hmmm - not bad I think", but maybe I'll treat myself, get something extra. An option called 'The Magic' presents itself at £6.50, 'A whole portobello mushroom, with caramelised onions' - wow, that sounds good. So I order, and get my food about 20 mins later. When it arrives, I think to myself it's a little bit on the small side, open it up and low and behold. It's a Mushroom, in a burger bun. And it's 50p more than a regular 6oz Beef Burger! It's daylight robbery!

OK, so the actual description does not mention a burger in the bun, with the said mushroom. But it's on the burger menu! And a mushroom is definitely not a burger. What is a burger?

Burg-er n. [Short for hamburger.]
1. A sandwich consisting of a bun, a cooked beef patty, and often other ingredients such as cheese, onion slices, lettuce, or condiments. Often used in combination: a cheeseburger.
2. A similar sandwich with a non beef filling. Often used in combination: a crab burger; a tofu burger.

You wouldn't put a crab in a bun and call it a burger. You'd have to make a crab patty first, one that had the appearance of a beef patty. The same, surely must apply for mushrooms. I would've accepted a mushroom-patty in a burger. Then at least it would be clear that they're trying to make it look like a burger. But slapping a mushroom in a burger bun and placing it on the 'burger' menu is clearly flouting the rules, especially when the price suggests it would be a beef-burger with a mushroom.

This is horrible. It reminds me of the time I had an argument in a chip shop the menu that stated 'Pineapple fritters - £1.50' and when I ordered I only got one! The menu stated fritters, plural! You wouldn't order chips and expect to get one, would you!?


Public Photography Petition

Wednesday 21st February 2007

Ho hum. The goverment is planning new restrictions to prevent photography in public places for anyone who, on their ID card is not a registered photographer (from what I understand).
The petition creator writes:

There are a number of moves promoting the requirement of ‘ID’ cards to allow photographers to operate in a public place.
It is a fundamental right of a UK citizen to use a camera in a public place, indeed there is no right to privacy when in a public place.
These moves have developed from paranoia and only promote suspicion towards genuine people following their hobby or profession.

So, I signed the Petition.

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