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The 2007 Christmas Card

Monday 31st December 2007

I meant to post these photos sooner, but didn't have time.

The annual Christmas-Card-making session that I go through each year is somewhat of a tradition. For me, it was my Dad with his almost religious devotion to hand made Christmas Cards, who has made this become a task which under no circumstances should be neglected over the festive season. So, every year I set about making my Christmas cards.
There are 2 basic requirements:

  1. It has to be festive. Normally I like to focus equally on Christmas and New Year, without any religious connotations. Yes, I realise its Christmas but Christmas has long been a concoction of various traditions. Besides, I send my cards to many people, not all of whom celebrate Christmas (!). However, I believe we could all do with some good-will and peace on this tiny rock we live on.
  2. It has to be simple. The practicalities of making rather a lot of cards in one go should be considered. Some years I've had more complicated designs that are harder to mass-produce and with little time, the quality can suffer as a result.

Of course, if you're on my Christmas-card list then you already know all this. Anyway. This year I went with a Christmas Tree theme. The thick stripes of 'tinsel' on the tree came to mind after remembering some 80's album cover designs.

The 2007 Christmas Card The 2007 Christmas Card The 2007 Christmas Card
The 2007 Christmas Card

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