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Linux for PlayStation 2

Tuesday 22nd May 2007

The time has come to clear out a few things. And one of those things is the Linux Kit for PlayStation 2 which I bought for, what, £200 in 2003?
It was awesome when I first got it - well, at least to look at. A shiny new PS2 with a keyboard and mouse, hooked up to a monitor running Linux. Wow - those were the days, eh? When the PS2 was a mighty new machine capable of anything...? (Heh. Infact, it ran a bit slow and I only ever used the keyboard and mouse).

Linux for PlayStation 2

Not quite. But the Linux Kit has survived 4 years with just a few scratches. So I've whacked it on eBay, along with it's 40Gb HDD, Official PlayStation 2 keyboard and mouse - plus all the other bits that come with it.

If you fancy picking up a little piece of collectable PlayStation history, go for it...

You can find out more about Linux for PlayStation 2 at the official website.



not bad, £120 quid. what else havce you got stashed away that we migth like to buy.


Posted 14 days 1 hour after the item.