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Expression Engine

I make a fair few plugins for much loved blogging engine and CMS system, Expression Engine. It's a good platform and very flexible, so I use it for some projects. When I find time I tidy them up a bit and place them here for people to download and use as they please. Enjoy!

I'll provide updates and support where I can, but please remember that these are provided for free and 'as-is'. If you like what you see, feel free to make a donation.

If you'd like to send me beer money in exchange for updates and more modules, please do!
It'll be a Leffe or Hoegarrden by the way ;)

Last Segment

Type: Extension
Latest release: Last Segment 1.0.2 (Released: Friday 4th December 2009)

This little extension creates a new global variable which fetches the current last segment in a URL and registers it as a global variable.

TK RSS Aggregator

Type: Module
Latest release: TK RSS Aggregator 1.0.1 (Released: Tuesday 26th April 2011)

This module allows ExpressionEngine users to add multiple feeds to an RSS aggregator, and output some or all of them in to an EE template.

TK Page Title

Type: Module
Latest release: TK Page title 1.0.8 (Released: Friday 19th June 2009)

This Expression Engine Add-On allows you to automatically output your own image-based titles for weblog entries. It does so with gradient-filled backgrounds and 24-bit PNG transparency.

TK SWF Object Embed

Type: Plugin
Latest release: TK SWF Object Embed 0.3 (Released: Monday 27th October 2008)

A simple plugin to output flash files in Expression Engine templates using JavaScript SWFObject. This allows for automatic checking of flash player versions on users machines, and an express install option for speedily upgrading users to the latest flash player.