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The Joy of SingStar

Sunday 9th December 2007

2 days ago, SingStar for the PS3 was finally released. I can honestly say it's the most fun I've had with a console game in years. The Singing part of SingStar is still as good as it ever was, only this time with a lusher GUI and slick, simple menu systems; combined with a built-in easy to use SingStore for downloads - it's pretty much perfect.

But the cherry on the cake are the community features. As you play the game, with the PSeye (a web cam) plugged in, SingStar will automatically record media for you like photos, videos and audio. This is great, as you can then save them and embarrass yourself at a later date showing off you SingStar party shenanigans. But go to 'My SingStar online' and you'll be able to upload those, where people can then rate them or comment on them via your MySpace-style profile. It's all utter, utter genius.

The built in SingStar community features, as far as I know - are unrivalled in any other game. They're just awesome. My SingStar Online embraces the community who love SingStar so much and reward them with the ultimate platform for showing the world their talents (or non-talents).

I've just spent the morning making chin-videos of singles by R.E.M, Blink 182, and er, that song 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Not to mention, donning an Afro-wig and using my Rock Band props to jump around like a raving idiot to Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis. Around the time I posted this, I had 2 videos in the top 10, rated 4.5 stars!

SingStar PS3 is an absolute triumph and will be keeping thousands of people entertained for many years to come. It was worth the wait!

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Oh and a big shout out to the guy with a beard dressed up as Macy Gray. You ROCK!

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