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Monsieur chat

Thursday 12th March 2009

Spike was being exceptionally beautiful the other day, so I felt compelled to honour his blatant request for a quick photo session.

His favourite hang out this winter has been on the back of the sofa, which sits right next to the radiator. It gets really hot but he never moves. Sometimes he just sits there with his nose mere millimetres away from the hot metal. I think he likes feeling the of the hot air flowing over his nose.

Spike Spike Spike



Saturday 5th May 2007
Spike streching Spike Spike

Meet Spike. He's the latest member of my home, a very pretty 6 year old black male cat from the lovely man over at

He arrived very scared and wide eyed on Thursday, spent most of the day under the sofa before he came out a bit in the evening. He spent the whole of Thursday night hiding in a cupboard and then the whole of Friday (home alone), sitting on the kitchen draining board. I set up a web cam in the kitchen so I could watch him from work - he pretty much stayed there all day.
Then, last night he spent the night running around the house in the dark, over excited and giving me a bad nights sleep. It's worth it though. He's a very friendly cat with a nice purr.

Today he had a little photo shoot and I thought I'd share it with the world...

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