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Super Pong

Monday 30th November 2009
Super Pong

Following on from that Vectrex manual cover last month, I wanted to trace the box design of Super Pong which also caught my eye.
It's far from perfect. Well, that S is really annoying me so I might have to come back and fix it later. Anyway, retro FTW.

Click the image for the full widescreen desktop image.


The High Performance Machine

Wednesday 23rd September 2009
The High Performance Machine

After looking at a fantastic selection of Vintage Arcade Game Graphics (via @vicki_brown), I felt compelled to make myself a new desktop based on the rather awesome Vectrex instruction manual. I rather like it anyway, it's here.

My iMac is now officially The High Performance Machine.


How not to advertise Graphic Design

Sunday 13th April 2008
How not to advertise graphic design

...with WordArt.


80s Logo Clichés

Wednesday 26th March 2008

Thanks for this Aegir, it's the coolest thing I've seen in ages.

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