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Life moves pretty fast

Sunday 20th September 2009
Leo at the Big Chill

Life moves pretty fast.

I’ve been realising this rather a lot lately, as the end of the year draws near and we’re fast approaching 2010.
I can’t quite believe it’s been ten years since I was at Sixth Form College, ten years since I started University - those are ten years in which so much has happened. I’m feeling like I need to make a bit more of these days as they tick on by… Oh well, big sigh, Sunday blues and all that.

Heck, I can’t even believe that this summer is over already and its already over a month since I was at The Big Chill (which incidentally was fricking awesome). I’ve uploaded a few pics to Flickr today - a task which has taken far too long. It was a great weekend, made even even better by the fact my friend Jez won two tickets and gave me one of them. It was a photo of me dressed as a zombie which won the tickets, mind (related to the zombie event they held on the first night).

I took the photo above at the Big Chill in the Film Four tent. There was a strange documentary on which, well - clearly wasn’t very engaging, but the tent provided 30 mins of shade from the beautiful sunshine. My brother Leo conked out for the duration…



Yes it does! You watch the next ten years whoosh by - they go quicker than the ten years from 20 to 30 (I know you’re not 30 yet)

Nice pic of Leo!

Charlie Kiss

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