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Flying from Shoreham Airport

Thursday 31st May 2007
Shoreham Airport

Shoreham Airport isn't the first place you think of travelling from when you're flying to France. But it should be. I can honestly say it was my best ever experience of flying. The lovely 1930's airport terminal is a lot nicer than airports such as Gatwick, both inside and out. They are civilised enough to do a full English breakfast at 9am on a Sunday morning, the staff are nice and friendly, and the check in time takes a smooth 2 minutes, if that (though the nice lady at the counter will come and get you from the terminal should you still be chomping on that breakfast).

Sky South have been doing flights from Shoreham to France for a while now, and I can highly recommend them. The whole experience is brilliant. Flying from Shoreham to Le Touquet, the tiny little plane flies right along the coast until Eastbourne, where it heads over the channel. The cosiness of the plane is lovely, peering over my shoulder I could easily read the altitude and even the GPS screen - though I spent most of the journey enjoying the view with my complimentary Orange Juice and Shortbread biscuits.

At the other end, Le Touquet has an equally small and charming little airport and the town certainly looks nice from the air, with a huge sandy beach stretching for miles (we didn't hang aroung so I don't know much more about the town).

So yes. Flying from Shoreham airport is fantastic.

Shoreham Airport plane

Actually a seeing our position on the GPS navigator was neat :)

Shoreham Airport plane cockpit

Seeing the runway as we came in to land was brilliant...

Shoreham Airport plane landing



MY God, Flying in a small plane. You obviously haven’t developed a fear of flying!

I hope you had more than one pilot as well!

The 1930s airport front looks lovely though!

Charlie Kiss

Posted 1 day 2 hours after the item.


One pilot, tiny plane. I felt a lot more comfortable than on a big plane, felt more like travelling in a car. It must be a alot safer too, due to the speed being much lower than on a regular sized plane.

Tom Kiss

Posted 1 day 16 hours after the item.


i wouldnt say it was safer, as car travel is not safer. but if i was allowed to take a parchute with me it would be fine.


Posted 4 days 14 hours after the item.


is that a woman flying the plane? =x the plane looks well cool.

Ryan Brown

Posted 7 days 2 hours after the item.