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#firstrecord trends on Twitter

Sunday 24th May 2009

I set a twitter trend the other day which proved to be somewhat entertaining for a while.

After a friend mentioned the first record he ever bought, I decided to follow it up with a tag and see what would happen. It turns out that nothing much will happen unless some slightly more elite Twitter users join in - and it was when my sister tweeted her #firstrecord, then the ball really got rolling. A few hours later, #firstrecord was number one on the trends list with 1200+ tweets and rising.

Not much of an achievement, but there were some really funny tweets from people who clearly had reason to be embarrassed. Plus, lots of nice reminiscent memories of buying cassettes and vinyl on the high street too.
I’m not quite sure that people buying their first music on iTunes will have quite the same memories and feelings to look back on.

Oh, and my #firstrecord was not very good; Bart Simpson’s Do the Bartman, on 7” from Woolworths at Broadwater in Worthing, 1990. Still got it.